Kruse Carpet Recycling
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Q: How does the carpet get from our business to KCR?

A: The client pays the freight to ship it to KCR and it is delivered right to our loading dock. The carpet can be brought by customer carrier or transportation arrangements can be made through us. There is a disposal fee which is paid for by the customer and in turn, we dispose of the carpet properly so that it does not go to a landfill. We document where all your carpet goes: whether it was recycled into a new product, cleaned and gifted to an organization, or used as waste energy.


Q: What is the transportation fee?

A: All transportation fees are based off weight and mileage.


Q: What is post-consumer carpet recycled into?

A: All types of carpet fiber can be recycled into new carpet as well as other useful products such as:


  • EcoSoft® Carpet Cushion
  • Synthetic Hay Bales and Filters
  • Chambers for Septic and Stormwater Management
  • Sound Barriers (such as those used on highways) and Landscape Wall Systems
  • Fiber Block: A coal-derived fuel made up of coal fines, recycled binding materials, and renewable biomass
  • A variety of automotive parts

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Q:  Why is it important to recycle carpet and divert it from landfills?

A:  Carpet is the 2nd most abundant product dumped in to landfills on an annual basis.  Due to its make up, which consists mostly of synthetic fibers, carpet requires 50 years to fully decompose.